• GPT-4o Features

    GPT-4o Features

    OpenAI’s GPT-4o model is here, and one of the main questions is: What can it be used for? This article will explore the different use cases that OpenAI has demonstrated, as well as what the internet has contributed so far. If you’re interested in the technical details of this announcement, refer to the separate overview…

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  • GPT-4o (Omni)

    GPT-4o (Omni)

    A few hours ago, OpenAI released their latest model, GPT-4o. It’s by far the best model we’ve seen so far, and it’s available for free. Here are 10 incredible things it can do. 1. It can accept text, audio, and images as input, and it is FAST. The voice mode has a latency of ~300ms,…

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  • How ChatGPT 5 Will Change the World

    How ChatGPT 5 Will Change the World

    The forthcoming introduction of GPT-5 marks a significant advancement in AI technology, setting the stage to revolutionize the way we interact with artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking development is poised to enhance AI’s performance significantly and expand its application range, impacting virtually every aspect of our lives. GPT-5 is expected to significantly improve in logical thinking…

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  • Sam Altman about ChatGPT-5

    Sam Altman about ChatGPT-5

    In a recent presentation, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, shared some groundbreaking revelations about ChatGPT-5. He highlighted that the performance improvements of GPT-5 would surpass all expectations. Altman stressed the importance of innovation and cautioned against underestimating the capabilities of upcoming models. This marks the first time Altman has given such a confident forecast about…

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  • What to Expect from ChatGPT-5

    What to Expect from ChatGPT-5?

    In today’s blog post, we’re exploring the future of ChatGPT-5. The journey into GPT-5’s potential starts with an understanding of its predecessors. Over 14 months, ChatGPT has evolved, adding features that redefine user interaction. This progress hints at what GPT-5 may offer. One key development is the integration of various input methods. From text to…

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  • ChatGPT-5 Features

    ChatGPT-5 Features

    With the anticipated launch of ChatGPT-5, this article highlights 10 confirmed features expected in the next iteration of the AI model. Despite some speculation, OpenAI’s Sam Altman and other employees primarily provide these 5 insights, promising exciting advancements. Other ChatGPT-5 features Despite these promising features, certain capabilities like advanced agent-based interactions and music generation are…

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  • GPT-5 Model Architecture

    GPT-5 Model Architecture

    Here’s how OpenAI developed GPT-5. Let’s delve into the recent discussions surrounding GPT-5’s architecture. This information remains speculative, deriving from various articles and tweet threads. GPT-5 Model Firstly, the size of GPT-5 is noteworthy. It’s approximately 10 times larger than its predecessor, GPT-3, boasting around 1.8 trillion parameters across 120 layers of deep neural networks.…

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  • ChatGPT 5 - Everything You Need to Know

    ChatGPT 5: Everything You Need to Know

    ChatGPT received a silent update with impressive features. A notable addition is a toggle that disables memory. This option prevents chat history from influencing model training. It ensures quality responses, regardless of request quality. Users can disable chat history under settings to avoid impacting the model negatively. ChatGPT’s performance has seen fluctuations. The introduction of…

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  • Master ChatGPT in 2024

    Master ChatGPT in 2024

    ChatGPT has seen numerous updates and new features over the past year. Recently, the ability to use custom instructions has significantly enhanced user experiences. Vision technology has been a major boon, while plugins, initially hyped, have become less relevant. Custom GPTs represent the most significant update, offering innovative ways to use and build them. Their…

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