Master ChatGPT in 2024

Master ChatGPT in 2024

ChatGPT has seen numerous updates and new features over the past year. Recently, the ability to use custom instructions has significantly enhanced user experiences. Vision technology has been a major boon, while plugins, initially hyped, have become less relevant. Custom GPTs represent the most significant update, offering innovative ways to use and build them.

Their integration into chats has changed the game entirely. Many hidden features also exist, though they are often overlooked.

Prompt engineering

For most users, elaborate prompt engineering isn’t necessary. However, better prompts yield better outputs. Simple tips and best practices can enhance results significantly. Meta’s guide on prompt engineering is one such resource, emphasizing specificity in prompts. For example, asking for AI breakthroughs in 2023 with specific formatting and constraints can refine responses.

Utilizing role prompting gives Chat GPT a context, improving its relevance. For instance, altering the prompt to fit an audience, like senior physicists or elementary students, changes the response drastically. Few-shot prompting, where examples are provided, can also improve AI-generated content, especially for tasks like writing.

For complex prompts, “think step by step” or breaking down prompts into multiple parts can enhance understanding. Following up with simplified explanations or analogies helps in better understanding and retaining information.

ChatGPT Custom instructions

Custom instructions allow for a personalized chat experience, reducing verbosity and unnecessary reminders. Plus users have access to Vision, integrating image recognition for practical uses. The introduction of custom GPTs has overshadowed plugins, offering a more streamlined and powerful toolset.

Creating a custom GPT is straightforward, offering a wide range of customization and application possibilities. These can range from creating coloring book pages for children to building comprehensive apps or automating tasks specific to one’s career.

Overall, the evolution of Chat GPT includes tools and features that can significantly impact productivity and creativity, offering customized solutions for a wide range of tasks and industries.

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