GPT-4o (Omni)

GPT-4o (Omni)

A few hours ago, OpenAI released their latest model, GPT-4o. It’s by far the best model we’ve seen so far, and it’s available for free. Here are 10 incredible things it can do.

1. It can accept text, audio, and images as input, and it is FAST. The voice mode has a latency of ~300ms, 10x faster than GPT-4. This means it can translate in real time.

2. You can get it to participate in a meeting. It can listen to the conversation, and even speak for itself.

3. It can help blind people see the world around them.

4. GPT-4o can also generate images containing text far better than any other model. And use it to tell a story.

5. Character consistency used to be a big problem in AI image generation. Not anymore. It’s now easier than ever to generate storybooks and graphic novels with AI.

6. It can generate images of handwriting, which was impossible before.

images of handwriting

7. It can also generate 3D objects. Think customized game assets, generated in seconds.

8. You can get different instances of GPT-4o to interact with each other. Together with its multimodal capabilities, this will be a big breakthrough for building AI agents.

9. GPT-4o’s improved reasoning skills means that it’s much better at analyzing data.

10. It’s not only smarter than the previous model, GPT-4 Turbo. It is also faster, and the API is 50% cheaper.

GPT-4o is way better than any other model we’ve seen so far. And it’s available right now, for free in ChatGPT. What a time to be alive!

Credits: Chase Lean

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