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  • GPT-4o Features

    GPT-4o Features

    OpenAI’s GPT-4o model is here, and one of the main questions is: What can it be used for? This article will explore the different use cases that OpenAI has demonstrated, as well as what the internet has contributed so far. If you’re interested in the technical details of this announcement, refer to the separate overview…

  • GPT-4o (Omni)

    GPT-4o (Omni)

    A few hours ago, OpenAI released their latest model, GPT-4o. It’s by far the best model we’ve seen so far, and it’s available for free. Here are 10 incredible things it can do. 1. It can accept text, audio, and images as input, and it is FAST. The voice mode has a latency of ~300ms,…